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About Good Foods

How we got started

A few years ago I started writing down the recipes I had grown up with and posting them to my website. I had just turned 40, and had spent most of my adult life working as a hectic Silicon Valley consultant with little time to cook, let alone learn how to cook beyond what I had learned growing up. I come from a big family - six kids - and thought what a terrific family project, to document our family recipes! Both my mother and father are excellent home cooks, mom by necessity to raise us all, and dad because he loves to eat well and enjoys the experimentation of trying out new recipes.

Well, the family recipe blog that started in 2003 has blossomed and taken on a life of its own. Good Foods now reaches tens of thousands of visitors each day and was voted Best Food Blog Overall in the 2006 Food Blog Awards.

Where we get the recipes

Many of the recipes are old family recipes, many we make up, and many of them are those that we pull from cookbooks, magazines, and newspaper clippings we've collected over 30 years. If we have pulled a recipe from another source, we try to attribute that source where we can (sometimes it's hard when you only have a clipping.) The recipes shown here use mostly whole food ingredients and only occasionally a few things from cans or prepared foods. We believe in a varied, healthy diet, using real butter, real cream, eggs, lots of green vegetables, and protein from meat, fish, beans, and cheese.